It's been ages since you've seen a deep, reflective post from my end and I take that to be positive (given I can be somewhat over-analytical and paranoid at times). It's been a great three months and I couldn't be any more grateful. I mostly attribute the overall feel-good vibe to my trip and lessons learnt in Cuba (but you've read that blog post of mine already and I wouldn't want to be repetitive or bore you).

These past few weeks or so, however, I realised there's another lesson learnt in store for me. I'm no saint, mind you, I come full of bugs and weaknesses. I don't consider myself to be a naive person, but when it comes to giving a helping hand I tend to forget all about me and my needs and just immerse into being there for that someone. Which is so normal, human and rewarding. Until you realise that there are those who take advantage of it all...

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The quote above has been haunting me for some days so I shared in on my facebook profile this morning. Someone wise, whom I'd like to consider as my personal mentor (a guardian angel on earth at times) made me realise that whilst it hurts to have someone just take advantage of your kindness and time,

"You normally discover who is worth your kindness or not after you have done it. But I rather be kind then not kind. If I start worrying my head as to deserve kindness or not I might discover many excuses not to exert myself. I always remember that Jesus made too many and greater kindnesses than I could ever do and see what happened to him. But he did them just the same."