It’s quite unusual of me to have blogs with titles such as this one - ‘Anxiety’, and going into the definition, causes and effects of anxiety is neither this post’s objective nor is it within my competence - definitely. Yet as much as I tried to write about some other subject – any other would have done, really – I just couldn’t divert my thoughts from what I was feeling this afternoon, and grew anxious to write about anxiety in general.


We’re all aware of how people may experience states of worry or fear before confronting something challenging or new. ‘Big deal, what’s your point?’ you may be wondering ‘everyone has been there at some point or another, right?’ But anxiety can at times get the better of you and interfere with your ability to function. Again, I’m by far the least competent person to talk to when it comes to such matters and I’m only deliberating about this because anxiety is something which scares me and surprises me each time.


I’ve been suffering from experiencing instances of anxiety and mild panic attacks for some 4 years now. It happens unexpectedly; anxiety may come haunt me even in the midst of a lengthy tranquil and serene period. So every time, after such occurrences, I always try to be rational and promise myself that next time round I’ll be my own boss and teach this anxiety thing a lesson or two and be the one in control. Yet, after 4 years, I still haven’t quite figured how to do this. And it manages to put me down each time, especially after my attempts and huge efforts to win over such episodes.


I’m definitely not anyone’s or anything’s victim and if you think that this short post is trying to win attention, you’ve got the wrong person. But those few of you reading who, too, might have suffered/are suffering from such panic attacks will understand. On the other hand, it remains difficult for those others ('those others' being used solely for the purpose of being clear and without any form of disrespect) who have never experienced real anxiety to understand or imagine the pains that may come along with such fear and worry. And probably, if/when witnessed, it may be perceived as a form of exaggeration or attention seeking. Yet, those who have truly experienced it, will tell you that it can be a severe reality. As a result, being a tad more understanding and tolerant in some cases won’t hurt.



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