Happy Christmas, happy holidays

My boyfriend always points out to me how 'time flies when you're having fun'. And here we are again, less than two days before Christmas Day, my favourite time of the year for various reasons and memories mostly attributed to my childhood. Can't believe 2013 is over already...


2013 has been a good year overall, it has. Maybe I'm saying this so convincingly cause I'm selectively choosing the positive highlights of 2013 and mostly looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me. Lots of positive things and beautiful experiences I'm hoping :) I'm looking forward to tons of giggles and only a small dose of naughty mischief, let's drink to that... :)


You see, I'd like to think that perception plays a major role here; think big, think positive and everything will feel 'lighter' and 'better' philosophy. Having said that, in no way do I intend to be intolerant to those who may be going through some rough times here, I have been experiencing some of that myself lately. But I'm of the opinion that one's approach to whatever life throws at us may be a make or break factor and I'm trying to learn cope by looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and fighting hard for what I believe in.


Now enough with the 'sermon' Dorianne! :P


I wish you a Christmas full of chocolate and mulled wine, colourful ribbons and bows, bubbly prosecco and red lipstick, perfume and coral feathers. I wish you health and happiness, time to be nostalgic, determination to yearn for a perfect future without forgetting to live the present. And smiles. I wish you lots of smiles.

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Happy holidays

dor xx



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