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Slightly over two years ago, I was one hell of an excited girl who had just posted her first blog post! I can still remember me reading the same article over and over again before pressing 'Publish'. Same thing with refreshing the article page over and over again once published :) The feedback I received in the few days that followed was incredible; people were actually reading my short posts and also commenting on them - it had turned out even better than I had imagined. The only negative, cheeky comment I had received (and which back then had hurt and not just a bit) was something like "So askdorianne is like an online diary where you pretend to know a bit about everything?"

I wanted to tell her what was the initial concept behind the 'askdorianne' idea that day, but I felt too insecure and upset about that comment to actually let it out. It only needed me a couple of months and some more nice feedback and encouraging comments from the readers of my blog to give a precise reply to 'me-grumbly-lady', but by then I couldn't be bothered. But today, a nice teenage girl with freckles asked the same thing, in a different way. "I'd love to start my own blog dor. Why" To which I replied...


I'm a 29-year old girl and my apartment is filled with two things: clothes and cardboard boxes full of scrapbooks and diaries. That quite sums up what I love to do during my free time - I buy clothes and write. I write about everything and nothing; whatever is on my mind, whatever thrills me or haunts me during my sleep. When I was some 7 years and mum used to take me and my sister to a public garden close to our home, I used to borrow mum's scarf or lip balm and on my way to the garden I'd imagine what I'd write in my diary once there. After the trip to the public garden, my sister was always the one with some huge bump on the head or a bruise and I was always the one to go to my bedroom and hide pages of scribbled notes under my bed. But that's another story. Back to askdorianne.

Knowing how passionate I was about my writing, my boyfriend suggested I'd started publishing my notes and daily thoughts on my own blog. I remember myself listening to him but barely registering what he was going on about. Some two months later, whilst having breakfast at our favourite cafeteria, he said he had gotten me my own domain and that I were to think about a name for my blog. I was excited but hesitant at the same time; the idea of a blog somehow felt more real now that I had my own domain but a blog still sounded like a big deal to me. Anyway, he tried to talk me into it, said something like "people will love to read what you write, you can also write something about fashion if you like and people may want to ask you for some tips or the like". Some other two months passed by, and I thought that 'my' blog still had no name. Turns out my boyfriend had me registered already as "askdorianne" :)


And two years later I don't imagine my blog as anything else if not askdorianne :) It has become a very important part of me, I've grown to love my blog more and more with every written post or comment I receive. It makes me happy, and as long it will make me feel this positive and cheery, I'll continue to write and post ;)

ask dorianne

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