Of New Year resolutions. Which are never maintained.

Will definetely speak to my parents more. Less time spent on facebook and glued to my cell phone. Oh, and I can certainly get by with buying less clothes given that I have 4 wardrobes and a chest of drawers full to the brim with clothes, some of which still carry the garment's price tag. Plus I will absolutely cut down on the 200 grams of wine gums I consume daily! These are only some of the resolutions I make at the beginning of every year, the same ones I never manage to honour :/ 


So over the years, I've become a bit sceptical about this resolution thing. This year I'm going to try focus on setting one goal rather a bunch of inflated resolutions which will indisputably be forgotten after a couple of days. 

My resolution for 2014? Quality time with people that matter. And yourself? Any resolutions for the new year?



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