Stupid snobs

I fastened my seat belt and mentally prepared myself for the upcoming 2 hour+ flight to Rome. The novel I had just bought from the bookshop at the airport was sitting on my lap and with my phone and headphones already at hand I was ultra keen to get the flight over and done with (yeah, flying makes me uncomfy!). But as soon as I was about to switch my phone to 'flight mode' and open my book, the voice of the lady behind me caught my attention.


"...a pity she had to endure all that shit and bad luck, miskina...ara jien, I had it all perfectly sorted out so obviously there were no surprises for me". Mmmmm, a bitch on board; just what I needed at 4 o'clock in the morning right before my death sentence (read 'my flight'). Some further nasty comments from the clown seated right behind me (whose pair of plump lips painted in cheap, peach lipstick and lined with a dark red lip liner couldn't go unnoticed as I headed to the bathroom later on during that flight) and I shoved the headphones in my ears. But her cruel comments had got me thinking and as much as I tried to focus on the first two lines of the Prologue page of my book, I couldn't.


As I grew older, I've come across people who are thrilled by others' misfortunes or failures. Those who don't mind to put others down whilst they merrily boast about their triumphs and blessings. Those who are stupid enough to believe that money buys everything. Those who question your every move to try discover something shameful about your past yet who are not willing to ever reveal anything about themselves, besides their usual bragging, that is.


You see, I'm no angel but I curse such people. I think they're a waste of space and that they are nicking a significant amount of some very needed oxygen from us all. And as much as I try to ignore them without letting them affect me, I find myself getting extremely angry and agitated even by the very thought of their arrogance.


That is probably the reason why once near the luggage belt my luggage trolley accidentally treaded over Ms.Bitch-Seated-Behind-Me's foot. Accidentally.

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