You lost friends that you needed losing

Friendships are the weirdest of relationships. Some of them may be life-changing or even life-saving, others turn sour. I've had some of both, I learnt from both. You learn from the bright friends and from the negative ones who are always grumpy, you learn from those gossipy ones and also from the introverts. You manage to appreciate the insecure friends who are always questioning their qualities and also those other diva ones who know it best and know it all!


Friends - they come and go or stay in our lives to leave footprints on our hearts; we've all heard this quote or something of the sort, right? What happens in between is rarely quoted on, however. They rarely go through the process or quote how you (a friend) change, how you drift apart, how you go through different circumstances during different times. The tests to true friendship are, in my opinion (and limited experience), such circumstances. The ones who hold on tight through thick and thin, the ones who don't question your moods or insecurities, the ones who are willing to give more without ever expecting anything in return - those are the good, real friends.


I've been a good friend and a lousy one. I sometimes get tired of those bragging ones and despite how hard I try, I find me distancing myself... I'm also one who needs my own space from time to time, and I only realise I would have somehow drifted apart from some friends later on in the day (or the month!!) Despite being a very good listener, at times I also tend to lose myself in deep thoughts whilst in the middle of conversations, in turn making those around me frustrated for my lack of input. Told you - I can be a lousy friend.


But let the one without any defects or weaknesses cast the first stone. I mean, let's be honest, no one is perfect.  Some are the worst of listeners, some butt in in everything, others have the memory of a goldfish and you're left with no alternative but to repeat the same things over and over again. I had this one friend who was hopeless with remembering the most basic of details, God bless her, and I used to find myself repeating over and over again that "no, I was no longer seeing the guy with the beard and birthmark on his left ear - that was 11 years ago!"

But you get my point - everyone comes with strengths and weaknesses! And it takes effort and good will to maintain a friendship happy and healthy. It takes a lot of good will for true friends to accept you as you are and stay in your life when you're at your lowest (and when the rest of the world seem to walk out on you), but it's not impossible either and so worth the effort ;)


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