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Sadly for me, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post related to lifestyle (which happen to be my favourite posts), the way I used to do up to a few weeks ago. It could be due to the fact that I've become so engrossed in the world of beauty and beauty products, and to my discovering that "uhhh, a highlighter can do more to your face than just a layer of foundation" and that "statement necklaces do suit you after all" :P 

how old are you

That said, I can assure you that I'm still the somewhat paranoid girl who manages to carry out deep analysis about every frickin thing and contemplates about the stupidest of matters. Yesterday's 'paranoia' featured the profound debate "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" Ok, so I'm sure I must be sounding bonkers to you. But think about it; old as your skin indeed, younger or way older? If you're the type who (like me) could do with that motivational lifestyle stuff and pep talks to get you going every now and then, this question does merit some kind of consideration.


If you're still reading this and have ruled out the Walk-into-hospital, Run-Tests, You-will-find-out-your-age solution as the answer to our question here, you may be one of those who fall under the category of individuals who feel they're indeed  "as old as I feel" or who'd reply they'd be "at the same age, I just wouldn't know it". Or else, you'd have an answer/situation similar to mine and may conclude that there are times when you might feel seventeen, others when you feel like 45 years of age. Or even older (depending on your actual age, right?) It probably depends on what we would be going through during a particular point in time, I guess.


You see, ever since I can remember I was always one to constantly think about growing up, because whilst it doesn't scare me to get old, it does scare me that I will get old. Complicated from my part, I know...And possibly irrelevant to this post nonetheless.

The aim, if there is one, to this post only meant to get me thinking. Because even if pondering about such statements may be a huge waste of our precious seconds and even if what matters is living our present to the max, taking a minute to deliberate on how we feel about ourselves and what we've accomplished so far will definitely not cause any harm ;)


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