I'm always introducing you to new personalities but it's been too long since our last 'dor loves' word association post. Until I met Desiree Azzopardi from DESIREE, that is. As soon as I met the vibrant personality behind this girl's design works, I immediately knew I had to come back to you with my word association blog! I got to know about Desiree's creations through a colleague of mine and I was immediately intrigued. A few weeks later I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful, enthusiastic, humble girl behind some of the most unique shoe designs you'll ever get to see!


Desiree, an interior designer by profession, may be new in the shoe industry which she started this February. Her hand-painted designs, however, tell you otherwise. She can transform any pair of shoes (old or new) into a unique masterpiece. She came up with this innovative idea one afternoon as she was putting on her bright blue sneakers. She momentarily lusted after the idea of having something different, something unique, more vibrant, more personalised.  It turned out that she never got to hand-paint on her sneakers but luckily for us, ever since she got this idea, she hasn't stopped painting on shoes! ;)

I am so in love with Desiree's creations that I'm thinking of adding a DESIREE design on one of my shoes in the coming days, just in time for Autumn (yes, I'm not a huge fan of this hot weather and am so craving Autumn and Winter!!) In the meantime, I am attaching a couple of photos to show you Desiree's creations and the transformation from plain/old shoes into beautiful works of art but I do suggest you have a look at her portfolio here.

FROM this


TO this


FROM this


TO this

mustard shoes

As for the word association blog post I asked Desiree to reply with the first word that comes to mind when presented with a list of words that remind me of her and her personality. Her replies follow.

Word(s) Desiree’s word association
Sun  Sunset
Colour  Gold
Passion  Latin Dance
Heels versus flats  Heels
Freedom  Travel
Daddy  Strong
Dreams  Big!
Pink  Flowers
Change  Life
Flowers  Beauty
Vacation  World! (the whole      world)


'Enthusiastic' and 'Vibrant' is an understatement when speaking of Desiree, right?! ;)

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