Of ganutell and handmade lace

Ferragiu, a Made in MaltaItaly luxury brand masterpiecing elegance and simplicity, incorporates handmade lace, ganutell, wool and other Maltese textiles crafted by Maltese and Gozitan artisans. This does not only allow the finished product to be a unique work of art, but also revives old design and traditions rooted in the heart of many Maltese.


Ganutell is a unique Maltese art which involves the making of artificial flowers from wire, floss, thread and beads. The craft of Ganutell, which is enjoying a revival, is little known in countries outside of Malta. The immense amount of work that goes into making ganutell will probably never be fully understood, not even if witnessing someone working ganutell. This is because the skill takes years to learn and perfect. Ganutell working techniques have been passed on from generation to generation by the locals through word of mouth and were, at one point, dying out.

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In the Maltese Islands, lace is made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread that are wound on wooden bobbins. "The lace reflects many hours of hard work to produce an excellently finished lace design in silk or linen and is identifiable by two main characteristics: its creamy silk threads and the 8-pointed Maltese cross which is often incorporated in the lace pattern.

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We can deem ourselves fortunate that crafts which were once almost dying out are now enjoying a revival. We can also deem ourselves lucky that we can now enjoy such artisanship in the exclusive and prestigious designs and gowns of Ferragiu.

Photos captured by Bernard Polidano Photography


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