Strada Stretta is back this October! Wanna know more?

Strada Stretta is back this October and we couldn't be any happier!

In their quest to get some sense into me and understand why I dislike the summer season and yearn for winter, my friends (summer lovers, as you can gather) were asking me for the reasons I love Winter so much. I tried to remember what I loved most about last Winter and all I could come up with was layering clothes and accessories, lazing on the sofa with a cup of tea and watching Strada Stretta! My dor loves posts are a proof of my obsession with this TV Drama. Steven Dalli, one of the Directors of Strada Stretta got to know about this obsession of mine and invited me to the backstage during filming!! :D :) 

IMG 7484

So one Sunday morning in late August saw me cappuccino-in-hand happily hurrying towards Casa Rocca Piccola, our shooting location for the day. The 16th Century home of the aristocratic de Piro family, situated in Republic Street, Valletta, is the place where scenes featuring Lydia's new home are shot. I had already been told that the morning scene was going to feature Lydia, Lucija and Wigi. As soon as I arrived I found the crew doing some last minute checks for the first scene. Whilst the camera person and director were doing some light checks, Louise Doneo (Lucija) and John Peel (Wigi) were going over their lines, right in time for the first shot! A number of takes after, the first scene of the day had been captured!  

IMG 7489

IMG 7511

IMG 7515

In the meantime, our Lydia (Taryn Mamo Cefai) was almost ready from hair and makeup and the crew started setting the scene and equipment upstairs, for the second scene of the day. This was meant to capture a conversation between Lydia and Lucija, so as soon as both actors were all dressed up and ready it was time to roll again. The director and camera person checked lights, sound and picture composition to obtain the perfect shot and soon after it was time to once again hear the beloved' 'take positions, rolling. And ACTION!'' :D :D

IMG 7549

IMG 7539

IMG 7558

To say I was impressed by the filming process would be an understatement. The dedication and amount of time invested in a few-seconds-long shot is overwhelming for anyone who has never experienced it. What to me was a perfectly-captured shot, was just decent for the crew and brains behind the production of Strada Stretta. Being the professionals they are, they rehearsed and filmed until they got the perfection of shots they had in mind.

When I first learned I could go visit the crew on set whilst filming, I was thrilled I was going to discover more about where the plot of season 2 is heading. End result is that after I witnessed the filming of a couple of scenes I'm even more confused and curious about what will happen!

Can't wait for October!!!! 

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