The charm that is Ben

As I was walking to the cafe' where I was to meet Ben Camille, probably the most followed bloke at the moment locally, I mentally prepared myself for a rushed, brief meeting with a vain guy. He'd brief me with a list of his achievements and then tell me he'll have to rush to another appointment. And that would have been more than understandable; I mean he's going to be our host during the Malta Song for Europe this Friday and Saturday - the guy must be super busy!! 

Instead, the minute I arrive and wait outside the cafe I see a guy hurrying towards me and waving from across the road. I recognise him from his walk, tall and determined. It's Mario from Strada Stretta.  It's Ben :)

I've been meaning to interview Ben from the very first episode of Strada Stretta; I just love this TV Drama which is, in my opinion, one of the very best (if not the best) we've seen on local television. Top that with the fact that everyone is talking and religiously following this drama, even here on my blog, and I decide to contact Ben to see whether he'd be available for a chat. From the very first time we started communicating to set up a meeting, I realise he's super professional in his attitude towards work and as soon as I saw him I just tell him so. He smiles, acknowledges and asks me something about myself and I realise this guy is Impulsively I tell him about this observation of mine and he tells me that he'd like to think he's one who's keeping his feet to the ground and that the latter is partly thanks to his upbringing and his parents who keep him grounded.

The charm that is Ben

Photo: Bernard Polidano/ Make-up: Natasha Polidano/

Hair: Pierre Camille Hairdressing/ Styling: Carina Camilleri


Impatient me immediately wants to know more about him and his acting career. Ben explains that it has all been a very natural build-up to where he is now, "just like it should be". I can see just how genuine he is as he confides all about his journey from being on Il-Klikka to him being on current TV Drama Strada Stretta and to him being the host of the Malta Song for Europe this weekend! Ben's so passionate about what he does, and admits that he tends to follow a 'Do things with love and passion, and everything will come naturally" philosophy. He looks grateful and enthusiastic each time he mentions the great people he has collaborated with and he's currently working with; from the very talented people he met while on an scholarship in Ireland studying at Queen's University to working with V Squared Media Productions and Director Steven Dalli. He also praises all the dedicated people working backstage during all the productions he was involved in to date. And I love that about him. Because rather than listing all the achievements he's earned and rather than taking credit for a number of things he must have done, he constantly mentions the great people who surround him.

I notice that Ben gives quite a lot of thought to my questions before answering. He says he can be impatient at times but he still prefers to take time to do things right rather than rush tasks. He also explains that he can be a bit of a workaholic and that the notion of boredom scares him. He smiles and tells me that he's mostly relaxed when he's with his girlfriend, family and friends; they know him well and that keeps him happy.

I cannot interview Ben without asking him about Mario. I learn that unlike Ben, Mario is way too stubborn, usually tends to obtain what he wants by 'fighting' it out and is at times very angry at the world surrounding him. Ben, on the contrary, is the calmer type and prefers to handle situations by first understanding what's really happening rather than act impulsively or angrily.

Before leaving, I ask him whether he's nervous about hosting the Malta Song for Europe in three days time. "Even thinking about it makes me nervous, but in a good way! I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I feel really responsible to help put up one splendid show".

The word association game I love doing with the personalities. Yes, I went for that one too. Here are Ben's replies when I present him with my words, enjoy ;)


Word(s) Ben’s word association
Role Model  Parents 
Style Necessary. But not a priority
Malta Pride 
Mario Ben's opposite
Sports Football 
Family Everything
Ambition Own TV Show 
Drama vs. Modelling Drama 
Malta Song for Europe 2016  Excited. But so looking forward! 
Dream holiday Somewhere relaxing where I can just chill


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 2nd photo : Reno Rapa 

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