I wish you love, health and happiness!

End of 2015 I had promised myself that for 2016 I'd do my best to face new challenges and experiences. I wanted to find it in myself to do more of the things which usually scare me or make me anxious. I wanted to visit new places I'd have never imagined myself visiting. Throw myself into new experiences and collaborations which would usually make me one nervous wreck. Stand up for myself and for what I believe in. Capture everything in photos. 

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I'd like to think I was quite successful in achieving some of the many things I had planned on achieving. Still a long way from actually managing to achieve some other things I had in mind. Still a long way to go. Some people I had to let go and others who I've just got to know in 2016 that helped me cope and grow up.

2017? Who knows what's in store?! I'm just looking forward to a new year where I'd be better, braver, kinder. One where I'd be loved for what I am in return.

And as I proudly look at some pictures captured in 2016 (some from photoshoots I would have never imagined myself doing; posing in front of a camera and all that in front of people who weren't family or friends), I wish you lots of love, health and happiness!

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IMG 1398

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IMG 3205

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Most of the photos captured by the talented Bernard Polidano. 


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