MFW2016: It's over but it's not

Just a day after the awards and it's sadly sinking in that the busy, crazy, wild times I've spent with a number of awesome people and colleagues during Malta Fashion Week is over. The memories, laughs and lessons learnt? That SO remains!! :D

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Dress: Aga Rusajczyk- Designer in MOSCA

Make-up: Natasha PolidanoHair: Robert Agius

Jewellery: Chamilia, 202 Jewellery/ Bag: OasisShoes: ALDO Shoes

Photo captured by Mark Soler

I wanted to share the few sentences I posted on my facebook page as we were making our way to the awards yesterday.

"As another edition of Malta Fashion Week comes to an end, and as I make my way to the big night, I feel so lucky and happy to be in this place. I always explain to others how blogging and putting down my crazy thoughts and dreams fulfills me, but maybe I don't always take the time to stop and really think about how true it really is. I'm so happy to be in this place, so so thankful. Slow but steady, and with the help of loved ones and a bunch of very dedicated people who help us along the way, we make our dreams come true."

I'm not re-posting these words to sound moral in any way, I'm only re-posting because whilst Malta Fashion Week may be indeed over, the many positives which came out of it remain.  So I thank God for this experience, thank those who have supported me and believed in me all the way and promise you I'll keep bugging you with my posts and feeds! :D 

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