P.S. I feel 10 years lighter

I've had one rough weekend, most of it was anyway. Sunday was a mishmash of insecurities, some very anxious moments and a general feeling that I could somehow be disappointing the ones around me. This meant I was uneasy practically all day, but today an old friend brought me to my senses and supplied me with some very needed words of wisdom.

'Go for a walk, sit on a rock and just observe nature. That's the easiest link to your self. And everything becomes simpler'.

It may sound too straightforward to be true, and we may undermine what good might come from just standing still and listening to ourselves, away from the daily chaos and distractions, away from it all.

I did it and it worked; I'll do it over and over again another million times cause it felt healthy. And yes, the uncertainties are still there but I feel 10 years lighter.

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