Tangle Teezer - is it worth the hype?

You know how it goes with the suspense created by 'what's the hype?' blog posts. Well, I'm going to go spoil it for you and immediately let you know how I wish someone had told me about the tangle teezer before!


Someone who suffers from voluminous tangled hair and who hates the painful process of brushing and battling severe tangled hair? I'm your girl! This hairbrush, however, detangles my hair effortlessly without any pulling or yanking, and takes me way less time to get through my stubborn tangles than when using the regular brush. I'm not sure what the secret of this brush is but it probably has something to do with the varying lengths of its bristles - yep, they work magic.

After I wash my hair and section it up, I start working through the tangles bit by bit, without causing any damage or breakages to the hair. With damage, I'm referring to the hair clumps formed as soon as you comb your hair, but I'm sure that those who suffer from easily tangled hair need no explanation there.

This tangle teezer is available in a number of sizes but I definitely don't regret getting me the Lulu Guinness Compact Styler, a hair and fashion collaboration between Tangle Teezer and accessories fashion designer Lulu Guinness. The hairbrush is small (fits in the palm of your hand) and therefore perfect to carry in your handbag with your other trendy possessions ;)

This instant detangling hairbrush retails at an affordable Eur15.50 and is available from leading salons and Cortex Ltd. It works wonders, is fun-styled and hyped about all over the world, so I really don't know what you're waiting for! :P



For a video, click on the first picture of this blog post. Awesome product, I know, so you're welcome ;) x 


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