The BIRTHDAY post! I'm 30!! :D

To think I've been dreading this day for months...

30! THIRTY - may be no big deal to you but somehow, in my head, it was sounding so final and somewhat incurable. I now realise that it's not so bad after all - it's still me (duhhhh) and I'm still here and I'm still smiling. Actually, I'm laughing hard and that's only thanks to the great people I have in my life. Went to the office in the morning, hubby gave me a lift and was keeping me entertained each time he noticed I was zoning out. Arrived at work to the usual warm welcomes; if you think you have the best colleagues ever...wrong, they're at my office! :P Hubby came back to work with tulips and whilst I was still merrily showing them to everyone, fussing around and trying to give them the best spot on my desk my colleagues appeared from nowhere with a chocolate-chip muffin and candles for me to blow! :D I go in for a meeting scheduled at 10.30 and I find another beautiful bouquet waiting for me in the boardroom, birthday card, warm greetings and all. I come back to my office, more treats waiting from the kindest colleagues ever and a brief, nice chat about travel and whether it's best to travel alone or with friends. More heartfelt greetings from mum, dad and sis, which always make my day; I store them all, love re-reading them every now and then. Another funny, lengthy text message from my dear friend - left me teary eyed, in a good way of course. Another greeting:

"Happy birthday my special friend!! I know that hitting your 30s may be a shock to your system (been there already...4 yrs ago!) but all I can say is enjoy your 30s to d full: life is soo beautiful - do not miss on any chance to be happy, do not worry 2 much & enjoy life to d full...remember Many people love u and care for u cos u r special to them & I am 1 of them xxx"

turning 30 review

I'm lucky, and I don't deserve any of this. I go on my facebook page and I'm greeted with more best wishes. One of them cheerfully asked about a special blog post in celebration of today, which did kinda make my day :) I was badly dreading turning 30, and I don't know why know now.  

birthday collage


IMG 1715

IMG 1837


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