'There's something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.'

Whilst I'm not usually one to rant over personal stuff in my posts or attack people online, I have feelings just like everyone and after yesterday's awesome event I finally got to draft a "There's something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty" post. It was all about being appreciative and being loyal to those who give you a helping hand (as opposed to completely ignoring them) when opportunity comes knocking.


My motto: slow but steady as opposed to presumptuous behaviour which might result in a messy fall. I'm all for enjoying and making the most of every moment, mind you, but making the most of something by subduing someone? Now that is unacceptable. I have a million zillion defects, but from where I come from we help each other out and promote each other, especially in a small island like ours where at times we find ourselves unintentionally treading on others' toes. So when I see that after giving a helping hand (from the little I know) and doing my best to continuously motivate someone into taking the plunge and chase their dreams they still have the cheek to try bring me to heel I get furious. It's not the ignoring bit that gets to me; I can live with that - good riddance. But playing games and being dishonest about it is too cheeky for my liking.

My original post; the lengthy one I drafted yesterday? I scrapped that the minute a supplier present at yesterday's same event contacted me to tell me not to waste my time on such people, because "you can spot an amateur from afar; you know they're just bluffing even though you're nodding as they speak". Then a fellow blogger contacted me and advised me to just move on despite it being evident, despite the fact that it can hurt frustrate. That's what I'm doing.

Some 3 years ago, a mentor and fellow blogger whose friendship I cherish and someone I'll always look up to said that demurness and loyalty are key. 3 years later, I'm nodding, smiling and moving on.


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