'They' all start in a Coffee Shop

You know how keen I am to get all-so-philosophical-about-life at times. Recently I got to listen to this new song by local artist Steve Compagno and it got me thinking. You know how it is these days; a zillion daily commitments which we try to see to and fulfill. We try to give every errand and/or commitment our best shot. At work, for instance, we get round to drop dozens of emails introducing ourselves on behalf of the company we work for because that's good manners and may prove to be useful in the long-run... When it comes to our daily, mundane chores we know exactly what it entails to get it right; so much so that sometimes it comes at the expense of the energy we should put in the rapport with our loved ones; the relationships that define us.

I don't know about you, but who hasn't experienced (or knows of a friend who did) that feeling where you want to give your everything to that special person, yet are too afraid of taking the fall? We're so sure of the mundane things, yet we question and overanalyze the most natural and straightforward of instincts and feelings towards another person. We're too scared (or proud maybe?) to give it a go; we're ok with meeting for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but the moment we assume some form commitment is expected, we get scared. We take a step back (probably more than just one!) as if the very thought of "where's this going?" will ruin it. We try to juggle 7 acquaintances rather than focus on the one which makes us most happy, which could have its benefits, agreed. I wonder whether such 'uncertainty' is worth going through. Or perhaps, whether it's more fulfilling to 'fight' for that one person who makes you happy.

Steve's rationale about this? At some point in time, we want to be saved from the uncertainties and futility that everyday life may slap in our face. The soothing touch of your partner's warm hand just fizzles your blood and gets your heart pumping again back into that dream; those butterflies you felt when you were only 16; those emotions twirling in your mind and the energy that zaps through your spine as you shiver with passion. That's what we want. We want to be saved.

Enough of my usual chit-chat, and have a listen. Enjoy the lyrics and the song's video, and see whether you like where it takes you ;)





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