Today I gave up on something, simply because I'm scared

Probably there were times when I did see it coming, especially these days when I'm trying to take it easy and avoid stressful circumstances which were killing me. Two days ago I met a beautiful lady who reminded me to hold onto the few things I'm sure of and try find out what's freaking me out so I'm in control again. She reminded me to be grateful for what I have and appreciate each moment, and try distract myself from worrying because it's useless anyway.

This morning I worried again and to try cope I had to give up something quite important to me. I'm easily scared these days, I used to be a fighter. Past experiences can haunt us, which is a shame, really. So I'm hoping I'll get over my fears and eventually come out stronger. 


You didn't understand a thing from this ramble, right? Boy, I don't blame you, too many random thoughts in a single post that I must have confused you!

But tonight I'll go for a walk, I'll write another blog, I'll sing-along to whatever is on the radio. Tonight it will already be a bit better.


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